The Sim

This is a free to play writing based game. A player creates an original character and writes entries called posts to a story or mission that the Game Master (GM) or Host guides them through. This Sim is based around the video game franchise Mass Effect.

This Sim takes place on board the spaceship SSV Midway. The premise of the Sim is based around the theory that we left the Milky Way Galaxy behind before, at the very least, the final big battle over and on Earth as seen in Mass Effect 3. This theory is the called The Early Exit Theory. A video explaining it is below. The theory in my mind is sound, for the time being, until we learn more about the next game in the Mass Effect series. The next Mass Effect game is to take place in the Andromeda Galaxy, while ours will take place in the much closer Barnard’s Galaxy only 1.6 million light years away in comparison to 2.5-3 million light years.

The ship making the journey is called the Columbus after the Italian explorer. The massive ship can hold up to 1000 inhabitants in stasis and has an internal space to hold several frigate sized ships. Using an experimental propulsion drive the ship, guided by a VI, headed off towards the Barnard’s Galaxy. Upon arriving a small number of crew determined to be essential was awoken from stasis. The ships inhabitants are comprised of 200 Humans, 200 Turians, 200 Asari, 200 Salarians and 200 of a mix of Volus, Elcor, Quarian and Krogan.