This is an age 18+ SIM due to the adult themes and violence of the stories being told.

Below are some guidelines to keep in mind while you take part in the SIM.
Application Guidelines
- Once again you must be 18 years of age or older at the time of your application.
- If applicant is proved to be younger then 18 the application will be denied.
- If after the applicant has been approved and is participating in the Sim but is found to be younger then 18 the member will be removed immediately and blocked from the site until such time the former member is 18 years old.
- The players character must be an original character that has ZERO ties to established (canon) Mass Effect characters.

Game Play Guidelines
- If a player has Ammo, Biotic or Tech skills they can use each of those skills ONCE per post and TWICE during a Joint Post (JP) with other players.
- A Post with only NPC's and one player character is NOT a JP.
- Ammo, Biotic and Tech skills can only hit ONE enemy per use. At level 5 a player can select a Multi Hit or Cooldown skill to increase this number.
- Violations of the Game Play Guidelines. First offence is a written warning. Second offence is removal from SIM and banned from SIM for one year from start of ban.
- No Re-specification (ReSpec) of a characters skills is available, but at Level 5 a player can create an additional playing character.
- NPC's (Non Player Characters) can only have three skills and doesn't advance with the player they are assigned to.

Level Advancement Guidelines
- The next Level is attained by starting and completing a mission/story with their team.
- If a player joins the team during a mission that new player can't advance in level at the conclusion of the mission/story.
- Team missions/stories can go between two to four months depending on how well the team moves through the story.
- A player doesn't have to pick a new skill once a new level is attained but they will not be allowed to pick one until after the next mission/story is concluded.
- The time to pick a new skill is between missions/stories.

General SIM Guidelines
- Keep the content of your writing in good taste, a younger audience might be watching. Just don't write anything overly sexual or violent.
- Recruiting for other SIM's is off limits. Just don't do it.
- Do not write for another players character without their permission. NPC's are the exception but if you are not sure it doesn't hurt to ask so contact your team lead.
- Post to the story at least once every week to two weeks. If you are on a Leave of Absence (LOA) don't worry about the posting requirements.
- Follow the lead of your team leader. If you are not sure what your character should be doing send an email or private message to your team lead.
- Need help?? Please! Ask! We are here to help you. The only way to get better is to learn and ask questions. Send inquirers to
- Have a fun time while we explore a new galaxy.

If at anytime you have a question about the rules or anything in general about the game please email